Lighting Control & Automated Window Coverings Lighting Control & Automated Window Coverings

Being able to control the amount and kind of light in a room in your home or office is just another feature of smart-home automation.

Having your lighting programmed for specific settings improves the enjoyment of one’s home or office.  It could also help control costs.  

With the press of a button, you are able to control natural light through the use of automated shades and window coverings; that helps increase energy efficiency.  

Automated systems can be programmed to admit sunlight during daylight hours in the winter to cut heating costs.  In the summer automated systems can help reduce air conditioning costs and prolong the life of furnishings by limiting the amount of damaging UV rays that enter through the windows.

It’s an exciting advancement towards greener buildings.  

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Customer Testimonial

I'd just like to say thank you to you [Tony Cochran] and Mark for all your help this past while.  Your expertise and customer service are second to none and sure made my life easier.

- Barrie Police Services