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Your home is where you and your family are secure. It’s the refuge. The safe place. The comfort zone.  And Huronia is dedicated to maintaining that feeling. Not by being obvious, and making your home a fortress, but by providing and monitoring the systems that keep you, your family, your home... secure.

We offer a variety of security systems:

  • Very basic systems
  • PIR motion-sensors that detect the body heat of any intruder
  • Monitored alarms that cannot be thwarted by phone-lines being cut

We provide solutions that can meet most needs and budget levels.

We work with each of our client’s to design a system that best meets their needs.  

We ask questions about their lifestyle and what concerns they may have that relate to safety.  Then we ask questions about activities that happen in and around the home … like:

These security systems are monitored by our locally owned and operated ULC listed, 24 hour monitoring station which can alert you, and the local police or fire department to suspicious activity at your building.  There is also the added benefit of reductions in insurance premiums for having monitored alarm systems in your home.

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Customer Testimonial

Just wanted to pass on some kudos to the staff (Jenny) in the monitoring station. Emailed in a request for info re: the Club around 9 p.m. last night, hoping to have the info by this morning. ...
- Paul, President of the Georgian Bay Swinging Seniors Club in Balm Beach