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The design and installation of structured cabling for voice (phone) and data requirements used to only apply to our commercial clients who were building data centres, offices or large-scale multi-family residences like apartment buildings or long-term care facilities.

Today, many of our clients require solutions to manage their voice (phone) and data (high speed internet) demands throughout their homes via wireless and networked solutions. They often have a desire to want cable and video services in each room in their home and user friendly devices (music server) to manage and play music throughout their home or on a room-by-room basis.

Huronia works with each of our clients to provide the best combination of products, software and services to bring their home into the new era of connectivity.   

Whether our Clients are building a new home, office, or retrofitting an existing space, contact us to help design and install the cabling and new technologies that will ensure enjoyment of your home entertainment and support your communications requirements for years to come.

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Customer Testimonial

I'd just like to say thank you to you [Tony Cochran] and Mark for all your help this past while.  Your expertise and customer service are second to none and sure made my life easier.

- Barrie Police Services